Performance Options
In Costume:                                                                                Fees*
"Honest Abe," One-Man Play (one hour)
    + Question and Answer Period                                            $800.00

Monologue or scenes from play, "Honest Abe," 20-30 minutes, various possible subjects
    + Question and Answer Period                                            $400.00

Classroom Visit (up to 40 students) 45 minutes
    Lincoln-led Discussion + Q & A Period                              $250.00

Speech at Podium  
    30-40 minute speech + Q & A Period                                 $250.00

Appearance at an event 
    (short greeting; no performance)                                        $200.00

Not in Costume:
Lecture on Lincoln or the Civil War
    40-50 minutes + Q & A Period                                              $300.00

*Please Note: Travel expenses will be added to the above fees.

Abe at the State Capitol, kicking off the Lincoln Bicentennial, November, 2007

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